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July 16, 2020


Where to Buy Cryptocurrency

The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have risen steadily over the last several years. But many people who are interested in purchasing crypto don’t know how to get started or where to buy it. TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATMs offer an easy and convenient solution to this problem!

Bitcoin ATMs are the fastest and easiest way to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All you need is cash and a Bitcoin wallet (there are many popular options available for download on iTunes or the Google Play Store). TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATMs have dozens of convenient locations in California and Florida. Simply enter your zip code here to find the closest location to you.

For transactions up to $900, you only need to enter your phone number to receive a SMS text message to verify your identity. Then, simply scan your Bitcoin wallet’s QR code and insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM. Done. You’ve just purchased cryptocurrency.

You can also purchase cryptocurrency via online exchanges. However, there are several challenges with using online crypto exchanges:

  • Exchanges often take several days to verify and establish new customer account registrations.
  • The dollar amount of transactions can be limited for several weeks.
  • They require bank account information, which is not helpful to those who are unbanked – a significant population of people the originator of Bitcoin was trying to serve.
  • Online exchanges are built with day-traders in mind so their interfaces may be daunting for everyday crypto enthusiasts.
  • There have also been several instances where online crypto exchanges have been hacked resulting in the loss of funds for many individuals.

TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATMs solve these problems.

  • One-time registration on the TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATMs is easy and takes just a few minutes. For transactions over $900, you can register at one of our Bitcoin ATM kiosks with your phone number and valid photo ID. Registration requests are received instantly and reviewed within 15 minutes by a customer assistant. New registrations are approved via text message and you are immediately able to complete your desired transaction.
  • We do not collect bank account information, as our ATMs only accept cash transactions.
  • Our kiosks are user-friendly with colorful screens and clear instructions for each step of every transaction.
  • And, since the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that you purchase is sent directly to your personal Bitcoin wallet, once the transaction is complete, your funds are safe even if TheCoinBros experiences a security breach.

If you are interested in purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, visit one of TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATM kiosks at a location near you!

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