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Why wait? Receive the crypto sent to your wallet within minutes, not hours or even days like some other online providers.


We offer multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from.


We’ll never make you download a ‘special wallet.’ Send your crypto to your own private wallet when you want, where you want, why you want.

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Buying cryptocurrencies is often a new experience. Give us a call anytime! We’re happy to help.


Our transactions have always been proven to be safe and reliable time and time again. 

Why use a Bitcoin ATM?

“Not your keys, not your crypto!” – Andreas Antonopoulos

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Our Locations

Exxon-Mobile | Orlando, FL

Van Buren Vape & Smoke Shop | Riverside, CA

Deep Canyon Smoke Shop | Palm Desert, CA

Tobacco Unlimited | Winter Springs, FL

Lil Sammies Citgo Gas Station and Market | Daytona Beach, FL

Circle K | Palm Desert, CA

Circle K | Cathedral City, CA

Victory Liquor | Coachella, CA

Downsouth Vapors | St. Cloud, FL

Ed's Smoke Shop | Ontario, CA

Smokers First Choice | Fontana, CA

Smoke Shop | La Verne, CA

Valley Smoke Shop | Cathedral City, CA

Lil Sammy's Market and Gas Station | Deland, FL

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